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In our offices and residencies and for our other activities we choose office supplies materials, that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We avoid harmful chemicals, and where this is not possible – which is the case in some photography processes – we handle them with care. We minimize the use of plastics and always choose second hand. We select durability and qualities as much as our limited budget allows us to, and in general we try to limit our consumption. We are especially aware of making the least harmful choices when it comes to the photographic processes and the production of the exhibition in 2017.



Globally more than 100.000 chemicals are being marketed and a large part of them are harmful to the environment and to our health. The amount of plastic being produced now has increased by a factor of twenty compared to the 1950’s and more than 10 million ton are being lead into the oceans every year.

– Our choices as consumes are of great importance.


we make a difference

Eksempler på vores valg i det daglige brug af materialer:

  • Environmentally and FSC* approved paper

  • Print with Ecolabelling Denmark** and the C2C-stamp of posters, postcards and flyers

  • Paint with Ecolabelling Denmark

  • Office printer with Ecolabelling Denmark

  • Second hand products – read more about our choices in “recycling and ressources”

  • Limited use of plastic – fx no plastic bags, plastic cups or cutlery

  • Printing of the publication was done with Ecolabelling Denmark and FSC approved methods

  • A series of environmentally friendly choices regarding the production of the exhibition in 2017 (read more here)


Handbooks about enviromentally friendly choices in phtographic processes

We want to make sustainable choices regarding photographic processes and the production of works for the exhibition. But there is a limited focus on sustainability in the photo businness, and that makes it hard to ascertain how environmentally harmful a product or process is. That is why we have researched and produced to small handbooks about environmentally friendly choices in photographic process, both are in English:



  • Notebook on PHOTOGRAPHY, sustainable choices, IMPACT AND CHOICES - PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET (Read it here)




It is our intention the handbooks kan help and inspire our own and other artists to think about sustainability when they choose photographic processes and production of their images.


The website www.gogreen.events

On of our goals is to inspire other people, who also produces cultural events, to make sustainable choices. That is why we, in collaboration with Herning Municipality and with support from consultancy “World Perfect” and Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture – have made the website www.gogreen.events.

On the website you can get advice, inspiration og guidance for making green choices when arranging cultural events.

– The website is in Danish and will be launched in the fall of 2017.



* FSC is an internatinoal non-profit that sets the standards for sustainable forestry. The stamp is found on timber and paper. In an FSC forest there will be no more wood cut down than the forest can reproduce, flora and fauna is protected, and the workers have proper working conditions and a fair wage.

** Ecolabelling Denmark is the official nordic environmental standard for a product, all the way from production to consumption and trash handling. http://www.ecolabel.dk/da/in-english

C2C / Cradle to Cradle is a holistic environmental certification that insures a product does not pollute, does not tear on the Earth’s ressources but is a part of the cycle of nature.